Inspiration – Addiction


How are you?  Today is Wednesday and as is typical with every other work day, I struggled to get up this morning.  I really really really didn’t want to go to work. Ever have those days?  I’m not saying that going to work is easy any day, but today was just one of those days where I’d have rather played hookie.  But I didn’t. Darn that work ethic!

I read an article and watched a video recently about emotional eating and the addiction and how tough it can be to change.  So tough in fact that if you’ve dealt with it for 20 years, it could take as long to fix it.  Sounds dreadful doesn’t it?  I honestly nearly cried as I thought about it.  I’ve had and still have issues with emotional eating and addiction.  I will agree with this article that it is not easy and that you have to work on the brain before the food and exercise.  I’ve been trying to do that.  A link to the article is below by the way.

In recent days I’ve also been thinking about inspiration.  What is it that inspires me to keep up with my effort to lose the weight and get healthy?  That got me thinking about my mother.  She passed away in February of 2006.  I can’t remember exactly what the death certificate says but her issues were all related to morbid obesity.  Watching her basically give up on herself was not easy.  Going into her house that wreaked of urine because she couldn’t get herself up off her bed was a horrible experience.  Having my kids be witness to seeing her be taken in an ambulance was simply awful. It required several men to transport her to the gurney.  This is all just gut wrenching to me and makes me cry every time I think about it.  I DO NOT WANT TO BE A REPEAT OF MY MOM.  I loved my mom, but I don’t want to put my kids or husband through any of that.   It’s bad enough my kids had to see grandma go through so much.  I will do whatever is in my power to prevent them from having to see me go through anything similar.  I do not want my death certificate to say anything about dying because of morbid obesity.  I just don’t!

So I will work on this.  I know it’s hard work, but not impossible.

Step 1 – Tracking my food.  I’ve done over 10 days so far and will continue to. I’m dottiemay71 on MyFitnessPal.

Step 2 – Bring my lunch to work at least 4 of 5 days.  I have been doing this as well successfully for a few weeks.

Time to think of Step 3.  I’m taking baby steps and I’m giving some time for each step.  I’m not rushing into anything. I don’t want to overwhelm myself.  It’s happened before. Lesson learned.

Present weight 319.  My weigh-ins are Saturday.  I will be sharing my progress and my struggles.

Keep following because everyone needs cheerleaders.

Peace. Love. Smile. 

About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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