Daily Prompt – Practice Makes Perfect

Ok, so this is actually yesterday’s daily prompt, but it seemed like a good thing to write about actually.  What talent would you love to have, but don’t?  Link found here

There are a couple talents that I would love to have but do not.  First, singing. Some people are gifted with such beautiful voices.  Me, not so much. Singing is such a beautiful gift to be able to share with the world. Your voice and words can help bring someone out of a depression or sadness.  If I could sing, I would share it with anyone who would listen. I would sing happy and upbeat songs that would hopefully bring cheer all around. Being one that suffers from depression, I could see where singing could help with my depression as well. I could sing my feelings and just belt it out. You’ve heard of singing the blues. 🙂  I would definitely love the talent of singing.

Another talent I would like is dancing.  Sure I can try to dance, but I look a hot mess when I try.  Tap dancing or hip hop, something with a lot of energy.  However, I don’t have that talent and right now with how bad my feet and knees are, I would have a hard time developing it if I tried.  Whenever I watch some sort of dance movie (Fame for example), I watch in awe and just wish I could move like that. Just watching even at times makes me smile and feel excited. Gosh just imagine if I could dance like that!  Dancing would most definitely help with the depression. Activity increases those endorphins right?! 

Singing and dancing – two talents I would love to have, but don’t.

What talent do you wish you had?

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I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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