Weigh In – Diet Bet – Water

I weighed in this past Saturday and was up 1.6 lbs.  This is so incredibly frustrating!  Mostly because I’m really trying.  I’ve been getting to the gym at least 4 times a week. At the gym, I’ve been mainly focused on cardio right now working on the bicycle and a machine called the Arc Trainer.  I will say that the Arc Trainer is a great all over workout and it doesn’t take much to work up a good sweat.  I can only handle 15 minutes on that thing though.  I typically ride the bike anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour…most of the time opting for 45 minutes.  And, yes, it’s quite boring.  But I put on the music and just focus on challenging myself to see how many miles I can get in the allotted time.  By making a little game of it, it’s not quite so bad. And the music of course helps a lot too.  There are TV’s available on most of the machines, but I opt out on using that.  I feel if I’m watching TV, then I’ll tend to move slower and get less of a workout.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but about 3 weeks ago, I joined a DietBet.  I put $30 into the pot and the challenge is to lose 4% of your starting weight by the end of the time frame, which in this case is a month.  The scale was so kind to me in the beginning and now…it’s gone up again.  I have one week left of this diet bet and it looks like I’ll be losing out on my money.  I’m so frustrated by this.  I do believe, this will be the last diet bet that I do because my body just doesn’t like to work with me.  All the exercise, keeping my calories at 1500 or below, etc.  The scale still tells me a bad story. I’m tired of it.  I think this diet bet has done nothing but stress me out. 

So what’s the deal anyway? Why is it so hard for my body to let go of this weight?  One thing I struggle with is getting my water in.  I just do not like plain water…it gives me heartburn.  And I don’t like many of the mix-ins because they’re loaded with artificial sweetners.  Today I have my water bottle with me and I’m determined to get that water down.  Aside from the water, I think I’m doing pretty well.  I have cut back on soda pop. But I haven’t totally eliminated it.  I know it’s not something I need, but it is something I enjoy and frankly I have the attitude that I should be able to enjoy everything in moderation.  I might have one soda a day and sometimes not even that so it’s not like I’m downing a 6 pack a day or anything.  I’ve also cut way back on poor fast food choices.  Granted, on occasion a cheeseburger sounds good and I have one (or most of one). Much of the time, I can’t finish a whole burger. And, that’s okay.  Nobody is perfect and I am far from it.  I just get so tired of trying so hard and feeling like I’m getting absolutely nowhere.  My feet hurt, my knee hurts and must of the time my body feels achy.  But I’m pushing through.  I will say that I am quite determined to not give up or give in to the pain.  My mom did that and it was so difficult to watch her go down hill.

As long as I can do… I will.  After this diet bet, strength training will be added to the mix.  I also intend to return to water aerobics once I get a swim suit. 

I don’t have a specific weight goal in mind.  I just want to be healthy and fit.  If that means 235 lbs, then I’m totally fine with that.  Sadly, I have a ways to go before I’m even at that point.  My last weigh in was 320. Disgusting!!


About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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