Sunday Blog 01-11-2014

Yesterday afternoon, our family met up with my sister Kat and her husband Larry at The Cracker Barrel. We all had such a great time. There was plenty of laughter, conversation and good food too. Later, my husband and I went for a little drive North where we had pizza pockets for dinner. After that, we went to see Lone Survivor. I thought that I’d cry throughout the movie and have that anxiety feeling in the stomach too. I did better than I thought I would.

Today, we started our day with a nice breakfast that my husband made. We then went to a couple places so that my husband could do some mechanic work. And now, my husband is off doing a little ice cleanup at a clients house and I am at home, typing this while NFL football is on TV. I also have some laundry going.

I really enjoyed spending time with family this weekend.

Peace. Love and Smiles.

About DorothyMarie

I'm 48 years old, divorced with two adult daughters. I own one Pitbull Terrier named Oaklee Anne. It’s just her and me right now and it’s still an adjustment!
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