My Last Day

The time is here.  My last day of work. I’ve been with the company for 28.5 years and it just seems so weird knowing that today is my final day.  I’m a bit sad to be honest and a bit excited to for what lies ahead.  I’ll be going back to school and while I’m nervous about it, I’m also excited too.  I just may finally be able to attain that degree that I’ve always wanted.  Losing my job may be a blessing in disguise.  That’s how I’m trying to look at it right now.  I’ve been working from home since February of this year and I’d like to find another job I can do from home.  And, I’m afraid that I’ll have no luck finding another work from home job unless I have some programming experience. So, that’s why I’m going back to school.  I’ve applied to Baker College here in Michigan and will work toward a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Web Development.

I’ll be packing up my work hardware and heading into the office shortly.  When I get to the office, I’ll be signing my severance paperwork.  Once that paperwork is signed, then I’m done.  I don’t plan on working after I sign.  Part of me thinks I’ll be quite emotional as I walk out of the building for the final time.  My employer has a recognition program where you earn points each time you are recognized and I had 3500 points.  You can redeem points for various items.  So yesterday, I redeemed my points so I wouldn’t lose them with my loss of job.  I got a $25 gift card to AMC Theaters and a $25 gift card to  I thought that was pretty cool.

On another note, please keep our puppy Aspen in your prayers and/or good thoughts.  She is still at the vets.  Her medical journey began last week when she was vomiting clear and wouldn’t eat and was lethargic.  We brought her in and she ended up having exploratory surgery.  She had swallowed a sock. They removed it and sewed her back up.  We brought her home Monday and they told us that if she vomited again to call right away.  During the night Monday, she did vomit her food back up.  So we called Tuesday morning and brought her back in.  Her incisions were leaking and she was in shock.  They ended up having to do more surgery, this time removing 4-6″ inches of her intestine as well as another small piece of sock from her stomach. They figure that this small piece of sock was in her esophagus the first time they did surgery.  We visited her yesterday and she was excited to see us and gave us kisses.  They are going to introduce a very small amount of mushy food today.  We hope that it’ll stay down.  Prayers that she continues to heal.  We also found out that someone had taken care of our second vet bill.  They want to remain anonymous.  So whoever you are – God bless you!! We love you!!

I may be back later to let you know how my departure from work went.

Peace & Love


About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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