Today’s one word post seemed quite appropriate as I am going through a restart at this very moment.  Well to be honest, I have been for a few months.  It started at the first of the year.  Well, technically it really began when I lost my job of 28.5 years back in October.  That’s when my restart really began.  But then at the first of the year, my soon to be ex-husband informed me that he wanted a divorce!  Another big blow.  This after nearly 27 years of marriage!  In January, I also started school – another big restart.  I worked for years in the area of IT and now I’m studying Psychology.  I was going to go to school for web development, but then I prayed about it and decided to follow my dream from back in high school.  Back then, I initially wanted to be a counselor for troubled teens.  That was because my brother had gotten into some trouble and we had to go to family counseling through the juvenile system.  For some reason, I was mesmerized by it and I decided then that I wanted to do that for a living.  Problem is, I couldn’t get into the university at that time.  So instead I got a job right out of high school at the office where I stayed for 28.5 years.  I started work there in the Word Processing department.  When that was dissolved, I interviewed and was placed in the IT department.  Back in October, the IT department went through a reorganization and I was told I was no longer needed.  I was quite devastated at first.  I am still collecting unemployment right now and have about 8 weeks left.  When my ex hit me with divorce, I panicked.  How in the world am I going to afford this house payment and all the other bills?!  We have mediation coming up on the 5th.  I need to find some work.  I’m hoping to do some transcription from home.  Working from home seems to be an ideal situation for me. It would work well with my schooling.  So with the job loss, a divorce…I’m going through a restart.  School is going to help me start a new career.  And, I went to an appointment with a surgeon to see about getting a revision weight loss surgery to help me lose more weight.  Also – a restart.  I also got a new bed and slept in it for the first time last night…alone.  Another restart.  I think I may want a weighted blanket though.  I’m used to having a dog sleep on my lap.  I was sleeping in the recliner in the family room with my dog sleeping on my lap.  I missed that last night.  I don’t want the dogs in my bedroom though.  I’m told a weighted blanket can help with anxiety.  So, a lot has happened that has basically forced me to Restart many areas of my life.  I’m still quite emotional about a lot of it too.  I hope to find happiness again to fill the gaping hole in my heart.  This all sure isn’t easy I’ll say that.  Peace and Love to you friends.

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I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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2 Responses to Restart

  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Dottie~

    Wow is about all I can say with all your restarts! That is about everything! I’m glad you are depending on the LORD to help you through all this. His Strength is what He promises!

    Thanks for updating on your blog~

    Hugs and smiles and prayers to you!

    Cathy from

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  2. Tara says:

    Hi Dottie- I don’t have a youtube acct so I watch but can’t comment. I enjoy your videos and your honesty. I am starting a weight loss journey (AGAIN) and hope to lose 30 pounds by summer. I am so happy to see you are leaning on the Lord in all your struggles. He can offer you peace admist the divorce, job hunt, schooling and weight loss. I was sad to hear your husband wanted a divorce. You have been a good, supportive wife and he up and leaves. It’s unfair, but look at all the growth happening in your life! He will regret it someday. I will be cheering for you and more importantly praying for you.


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