Another Update

I always say that I want to write on this blog on a regular basis and then I just don’t do it.  So, I’ve been doing pretty good aside from struggling financially.  Being single is an adjustment when it comes to bills that’s for sure.  And, while I do work, I’m not making the amount that I used to so that’s an adjustment too.  I cannot afford my mortgage and that’s heartbreaking.  I’ve asked my daughter if she has a friend or two who would want to move in and maybe she and her friends could assume the loan and I can find something cheaper.  I’ve called the mortgage company and they are sending an assumption package for my daughter to fill out.  I’m praying that they will approve it and my daughter and friends can assume the loan.  I really cannot afford it anymore.  I’m behind on other bills as well.  😦

I have been talking with a few guys online.  It’s crazy how these men think I’m beautiful and sweet.  But I can’t find anyone locally to feel the same.  Anyway, one in particular, Nick may be coming into town this Friday.  I hope that happens.  I’d really like to meet him finally.  We’ve been talking online for a few months.  Meeting online is a lot more common these days.  He’s really nice.  Even says he wants to marry me!  Crazy huh?!  Wants me to move to Ohio with him.  He’s been working on contract in Louisiana.  Life would certainly change.  He’s even sent me pictures of the house he plans to purchase. It’s quite beautiful.  Of course, I really need to meet the guy first!

On April 30, I had weight loss surgery.  I had the sleeve gastrectomy.  So far, I’ve lost 60.2 lbs and for the first time in a long time I’m under 300 lbs.  I really want to be successful this time.  I think I will.  The job loss, the divorce, weight loss…it’s all part of my new story and life.  I weigh myself and take a photo every Monday to keep track of the changes.

Overall, I’m doing well.  Some days are a little emotional but not because I miss my ex or anything.  I’ve come to realize that he is not right for me. I deserve so much better!!

Peace – Love – Smiles

❤ Dottie

About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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