17 Weeks Post Op – Life Update

I weighed in yesterday and I’m currently at 290.6 pounds.  That puts me at a loss of 1.6 pounds for the week and a total loss of 64.4 pounds since my pre-surgery weight of 355 pounds.  As a reminder, I had my VSG surgery on April 30, 2018.  This last week, I did not get any exercise in. However, I did well with getting my water in.  I have to do better with getting protein in though.  I have noticed that my hair is getting incredibly thin and I don’t like that at all.  I’ve started back on my vitamin regimen as recommended by my surgeons office.  I take a chewy multi-vitamin, a chewy calcium citrate, a folic acid and gummy vitamin D3.  I use special Biotin shampoo as well.  I hope my hair doesn’t get any thinner on top because it looks pretty bad as it is.

For those that may not be aware, I also have a YouTube channel where I record video diaries.  I started my channel way back in 2010 and have over 1000 videos I think.  One year, I did a full year of daily videos.  That was a fun year.  That was back when my kids were still in school and life was a lot more interesting and fun.  Anyway, if you’re interested, my channel is http://www.youtube.com/c/DottieMay . I am trying to post at least a video each week updating my weight loss progress.  I used to have dreams of becoming a YouTube star, but that just never happened.

Things are still rough financially.  Still haven’t received the assumption package from my mortgage company.  In speaking with my boss, she recommended I try for loss mitigation instead.  She says that I may qualify due to loss of income.  I work in a mortgage servicing office, so she is an expert.  So, I’ll probably follow up with my mortgage company and look into that.  I’m currently two months behind on both my mortgage and my car payment.  I just set up a payment arrangement for my electricity.  And, I’m pretty much behind on everything else as well.  I just called to have my cable cancelled so I just have internet service.  I can’t get rid of internet because I need it for school.

Speaking of school, it’s going pretty well.  The class I’m in currently is called Interviewing and Counseling.  It’s my first PSY class since starting school in January.  It’s a five week class and I’m just beginning week three today.  There is a paper due every week. Have I mentioned before that I do not like writing papers lol.  I think the part that I don’t like is the length requirements and the APA style, and citing sources, etc.  Of course I know citing sources is important.  For week five, I have to do a role play assignment where I play the part of a counselor and I have to choose someone to be my client and record the interview session.  Then I have to write a reflection paper on it.  I’m kind of nervous about that assignment.  I have no idea who I’m going to interview!

So, I’m curious…how do you feel about online relationships?  I know they happen and are more common now than they once were.  I mentioned in a previous post about a guy named Nick.  Well, that relationship is done.  After one too many times of him asking for money, I couldn’t do it anymore so I told him I was no longer interested.  He didn’t take it well and proceeded to threaten to post some things to my Facebook timeline.  I then had a small panic attack.  I almost took my Facebook down.  I did change my name and modified my permissions.  I will say that I have found someone new that I have been talking to for a while and he has not ever asked for money.  He calls me baby boo which I absolutely adore.  Unfortunately, he is out of town, but at least not out of country.  He lives in Jew Jersey.  Do you believe you can fall in love with someone you’ve only met online?  That’s where I’m at.  My heart floats whenever we talk.  And his eyes are simply amazing.  He’s gotta be the most beautiful man I’ve met.  He has hopes of taking a vacation at the end of September and spending a couple days here in Michigan to meet me.  I hope these plans can be realized.

You know, when I first got divorced, I was not only convinced I’d never find love again but also that I’d never want to move from this house.  That’s because inheritance from my great-grandparents got us this house and there is sentimental value here.  However, life has changed my mind.  I don’t mind the thought of moving from here and seeing where life or love takes me.  I just want to be fully happy again and perhaps that’s not in Michigan?  I don’t know.  I need to open my mind and my heart and let God guide me.

My aunt met her husband 27 years ago through a personal ad in a magazine called Single File.  Back then, there was no Internet.  If she can find love and marriage in that format back then, which I think is similar to what online/internet is now, then I feel that I can find love online too.  My aunt and her husband just celebrated their 27 year anniversary a few days ago and they are still very much in love all these years later.

I’m going to end this post now.  Please have yourself a wonderful day or night wherever you are in this wonderful world.  I wish you peace, love and smiles.

❤ Dottie

About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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2 Responses to 17 Weeks Post Op – Life Update

  1. Ken Lamberts says:

    Not only do I believe you can find love online, I know people who have and you never know if you don’t try! It’s always interesting and fun to meet new people and make new friends whether they turn out to be the love of your life or just a good friend to talk with. It’s always worth reaching out to meet others. I wish you love and joy as you continue on your journey, Dottie. Only you can name it and claim it for your life. Go get what it is you want to make your life happy! You’ve got this.

    Liked by 1 person

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