Day 3 – 30 Days of ME!

Hello Readers!

Welcome to day 3 of the 30 Days of Me! challenge.  Sorry I’m so late in posting today! Today’s topic is A picture of your animals. This will be fun as I (or shall I say we – my daughter and I) have a combined total of five dogs).  Their pictures are below.  I think if you hover over their pictures, you’ll see their names.  I’m still getting used to how inserting images work.  I apologize for my clumsiness.

Teddy is a Pomeranian, Aspen and Oaklee are Pitbull Terrier sisters, Kaya is a long haired Husky and Xena is a German Shepherd.

Wherever you are in this beautiful world, I wish you peace, love and smiles!

❤ Dottie


About dmhendricks71

I'm 47 years old, divorced with two adult daughters. My youngest lives with me. Between the two of us, we have five dogs. Two Pitbull Terriers (Oaklee and Aspen), one German Shepherd (Xena), one long haired Husky (Kaya) and one Pomeranian (Teddy Bear). I started school in January of 2018 and am studying Psychology. I have a long road ahead of me but am excited about it.
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