Day 6 – 30 Days of ME!

Hello Readers!

Welcome to Day 6 of the 30 Days of ME challenge! Today is going to be a fun one. At least I think so.  I apologize for it being such a late update again.  It’s already 11:21 p.m. here in good ole Michigan.  My reason for being late with the update though is because I was busy working on school work. Yes, I was actually working on school stuff the day before it was due!  Everything is done prior to the due date! Go me!!!

Today’s topic is favorite superhero and why?  Those of you that are reading this and know me – do you have any guesses?  Well, I’m about to tell you who it is now, but first I’m going to tell you who my favorites were when I was a kid.

My favorites as a kid were Wonder Twins! I absolutely loved that show! Form of… Shape of….  Here’s a cute little YouTube video I ran across that someone did of the Wonder Twins Wonder Twins Video.  


Okay, so now on to my favorite super hero of today! Drumroll please….It’s none other than the God of Thunder himself – Thor!!  Oh my gosh! Just look at him. What’s not to love? He’s a natural superhero.  And he cares about doing the right thing and serving as many people as he can. He’s definitely charming. He’s hot too! And, superhero-ism aside, I simply adore Chris Hemsworth! Although I know I’m a little too old for him. He’s 35 and he’s married anyway. Lucky lady!


So here’s another photo for your enjoyment.  This was taken at a charity walk for Lori’s Voice that took place back in June of this year. It was raining and I was hot from walking around the track so that’s the reason for my red face and wet shirt.  But hey – here I am with my favorite superhero! Too bad it wasn’t Chris Hemsworth huh? Oh my gosh! If it would’ve been, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to stand there for a photo. I would’ve been weak at the knees!  It was a great event none the less. The event took place at Berlin Raceway in Marne, MI.  They have it every year. So if you’re in the area, please consider participating next year.


Well, there you have it. That concludes Day 6. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Please, tell me your favorite superhero in the comment box.

Wherever you are in this beautiful world of ours, I wish you peace, love and smiles.

❤ Dottie


About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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