Tuesday Workout and a Thank You!

Hello Friends!

Good evening friends! Or do I say good morning at this point? It’s now 12:04 a.m. and technically now it’s Wednesday.  I haven’t gone to bed yet so for me it’s still Tuesday and I’m going to refer to it as ‘today’. hahaha

So, today I went to a new park in Ferrysburg, MI called Ottawa Sands Park. I hiked around the lake there. I’m going to insert some pictures below. It was a nice day as well. I’d say it was about 50 degrees and the sun was shining. I wore two sweatshirts, one being a hoodie. The trail around the lake was all sand so it was quite the workout. I actually stopped after the half way point and sat down for a little bit to rest.  I could have turned around at the half way point but I didn’t.  I walked the entire trail around the lake. The last length of the lake, the wind picked up and I swear it made it 10x harder. My nose started running and I didn’t have any kleenex on me. I was so grateful when I finally got back to my car.  If I calculated correctly, I walked 1.76 miles.

At one stretch of the walk there’s a Bald Eagles Nest and there’s signage that asks you to stay on the trail and be quiet. I took a picture of the sign and of the nest that I saw. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any eagles. That would have been so cool if I had though.  I thought the park was very nice. They could place a bench or two on along the trail, but I survived it.  Here are some pictures:

After I finished my walk, I went down the road to the other park that is right on Lake Michigan. I just love being on the lakeshore. The waves are so soothing. I opened my car window just a little so I could hear the waves and I pushed my seat back and leaned it back and I just relaxed. I nearly fell asleep! It was wonderful!

After spending some time relaxing and doing a little reading in my book “Book Thief”, I headed back to Sparta so I could go to my GriefShare group.

I have to shout out and say a great big THANK YOU to Jim!! I really am so very grateful for your donation to my PayPal!! I appreciate it more than you know. Please know that once I’m established in a job and am caught up on my bills, I will pay you back. I’m not giving last names or second names. You know who you are. With all my heart…thank you and God bless. ❤ .  If you’re a non believer, may the sun shine upon you. And may all your wishes come true.  If by chance you’d like to donate to my cause, you’ll find the link over on the right under My Links. I thank you in advance for your generosity. Please know I hate asking for money. I intend on paying everyone back!

I’d say I had a pretty good day today. I know I’ll sleep pretty good after all that fresh air. My legs are already sore. They’ll probably be even more sore tomorrow.

Oh and because of my financial situation, I am putting my gym membership on a 3-month hold. It is no cost to me to do that. And I pray to God I have a job by the time the 3 months are up.  I wish I could do that with every bill!

Wherever you are in this beautiful world, I wish you peace, love and happiness.

❤ Dottie


About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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