My Friday Adventures – 10-26-2018

Hello Friends!

I’m posting this a day late as you may be able to tell? I was busy with other things when I got home last night.

I left yesterday with one destination in mind as a fall color tour.  But I actually ended up stopping at two other places that I didn’t intend on. One because it was new to me and I had never been there and wanted to check it out. The other because I was just so close that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  If you are a YouTube subscriber or follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you already know where I went. If not, then you’ll be surprised.  I really enjoyed my time despite being alone.  Except for one part.  I was sitting along side the road taking in the scenery and there was this young couple setting up to take photos of themselves.  It just struck a nerve. A year prior, I had been up there to the same place with my ex. Although, he was unhappy so we were nowhere near as happy as this young couple was.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but sometimes I have a really hard time seeing other couples holding hands or kissing or just being genuinely happy. How sad is that? I think maybe it’s because they have what I desire.  I sat there in my car and broke down in tears!  I cried pretty hard for a bit.  I briefly thought back to the year before when I was up there with my ex. I recalled the photo we took together and how absolutely miserable he looked while I smiled. Here I loved this man and here he had every intention of wanting to leave me but for whatever reason chose to wait until the new year.  That picture is long gone. I’ve deleted so many photos from my past. I don’t need the reminders.  Some photos I did put in a file for my girls. But I deleted everything from my phone and iPad and Facebook and Instagram.  The only place you’ll still see him is YouTube because I haven’t dared gone back and looked at old videos!

My first stop was actually an unplanned one. It was Deadman’s Hill. What an amazing view!! I’m so glad I saw the sign as I was driving on 131N! Here’s a few photos that I took with my phone:

My second stop was my actual intended destination for the day. It was the Tunnel of Trees. That’s what it’s known as. It’s in Harbor Springs, MI. It’s a 20-mile winding drive along Lake Michigan that has amazing fall color and lake views. There’s also some pretty darn nice houses as well. I couldn’t see living there in the winter, but man would it be a nice Summer/Fall place.  Although you really don’t have direct lake access at least not all the places did.  But man, amazing views!!  I tried to get some decent pictures.  Here are a few:

My final stop was the other unplanned stop, but I just had to make the extra 30 minute drive! I don’t really have many photos because it was SO cold and misty.  Surprise! It’s the Mighty Mac! I wasn’t far from the Mackinaw Bridge so I just had to drive just a little bit further north from the Tunnel of Trees!  It was pretty blustery and cold though!

Mackinaw Bridge

Mighty Mac

After visiting the bridge, I got some gas and an energy drink and some chips. I know that’s definitely not the best choice for someone who has had weight loss surgery.  The energy drink proved to be a bad idea when it came time to go to bed too. I couldn’t sleep for anything. Normally, I will fall asleep watching YouTube videos or listening to music. But nope! I was up until 5:30 before I fell asleep! Crazy! Then I was awake again by 8 or so.  I definitely didn’t get enough sleep last night. Lesson learned!

So, aside from the little emotional breakdown at the Tunnel of Trees, I enjoyed my little day trip and it was pretty therapeutic. I got some beautiful views. It did lightly rain in a few areas, but that didn’t ruin my trip at all. I’m glad I went.

On another note, today marks one year since I signed the severance papers and walked out of Meijer. That’s where I worked for 28 1/2 years before being let go due to a department reorg. It was a bittersweet memory to wake up and see on Facebook.  I had no idea I was leaving that day and walking into the most difficult year of my life! It’s true. This past year has been the most difficult, with the job loss, divorce and another job loss! I’m still trying to find a job. I’m so far behind on my bills. I’m struggling. However, some good came out of the year too! I was baptized, I became a member of a great church, I started school, I’ve been losing weight and have learned just how incredibly strong I am!  Sure, I have my days and moments still.  This past year has been a hell of a ride!  But you know, I can say that I’m on the right path now. I feel some anxiety about being without a job and behind on bills currently, but I know God has something better in mind for me! I’m waiting patiently for the door to open to income.

Before I go, I have to should a huge THANK YOU to Eric! No last names because you know who you are. He donated to my PayPal and I’m ever so grateful! May God bless you. You’re beautiful. Keep blessing others with your amazing work! I know I’m in awe!

Wherever you are in this world, I wish you peace, love and happiness!

❤ Dottie


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I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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1 Response to My Friday Adventures – 10-26-2018

  1. Cathy says:

    You need something special to happen for you! Praying it does real soon! Your trip was gorgeous!


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