The Effects of Volunteering

Hello Friends!

I meant to post last night, but I was just too tired.  I haven’t posted in a couple days have I?  My apologies. Things once again have brought on more anxiety.  My car is facing repossession. I think I’ve already mentioned that.  I need to get a payment made in order to put a hold on the repossession order.  I’ve asked my daughters if I could borrow money from them. I feel horrible for asking.  What parent wants to ask their children for money?  But I stooped to a level I never wanted to.  I helped my oldest with money early in the year. She needed $900 for school. I had my severance money so I was able to help her out.  I was hoping she would return the favor. But no she isn’t able to.  I haven’t heard from my other, but I’m guessing she won’t be able to either.  It’s hard.  My youngest lives with me and really has never had to pay anything as she got older.  Granted now she gives money to her dad for her cell phone and her car insurance.  She also has a car payment.  She buys a lot of her own food.  But I’ve never charged her rent and perhaps I should have.  I just give it to God and pray.  And I take my anxiety medicine as I need to.

Onto a better subject and the reason for the title of this post.  Last night, I went with a group from church to volunteer at a place called Exodus Place.  It’s a home for men. It’s a large place.  We were there to help serve Christmas dinner. I scooped green bean casserole onto the plates.  After I was done with that, then I got to enjoy my own dinner while conversing with other volunteers and residents.  After dinner, they held a raffle. They gave away a TV and a tablet to two lucky residents. You should’ve seen the winner of the TV. He was so excited! The winner of the tablet was an older gentleman and he had no idea how to use a tablet. I told him he needed to find someone to tutor him and that he would have a lot of fun with it.  The men also got a Christmas present too.  They all got a laundry basket with some essential items like hats/gloves, laundry soap, and other items.  I introduced myself to several residents and had conversation with some.  The winner of the TV, gave me a hug and said Merry Christmas and told me to be safe out there.  It was such an amazing evening.  It really kept my mind off my own situation.  It was healing to my heart. I felt good to serve others and bring smiles to others faces.  I, of course, wore my Santa hat and my Santa hat leggings.  I looked festive.  It is very possible that many of these men don’t have other family and would otherwise be homeless if not for Exodus Place.  This place is amazing.  I know I will go back to volunteer another time.  Last night before I went to sleep, I prayed and thanked God for all those who make Exodus Place possible for all those men.  I thanked Him for my life as well. I have tough times right now, but there is always someone that has it worse and I have to remember that and be grateful for my blessings.  

Wherever you are, I wish you peace, love and smiles.

Much love,

Dottie May 🌻

About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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