It’s Been Awhile!

Hello friends!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted. Not much different is going on. I’m still struggling and trying to find a place to live. I have until September. Having poor credit makes it difficult.

I worked for a short time at McDonald’s but they were only giving me about 12 hours a week and I was only getting $9.50 an hour. It just wasn’t worth driving out there for it so it didn’t last. So I continue to look and in the meantime I’m doing Shipt Shopping again.

I no longer have insurance so I haven’t been able to go to therapy. My last appointment was in May so they had to close my case. I also have run out of my meds so I haven’t been taking them. When I called to see how much they were, the one was over $430 and I just cannot afford that. So now I’m doing this mental health journey on my own. I’m actually doing pretty good so far. I don’t know how long it takes meds to clear out of your system.

I’ve been doing a lot of coloring lately. I find it soothing. Much of the time, I take my colored pencils and books and go to a park and color. Usually somewhere with water. And it’s perfect. When I’m at home, I color on my iPad using many different apps.

I also have been journaling daily. It’s just been handwritten in a journal I gifted to myself. It has a personalized bible scripture on each page. It’s so cool to see my name in each new verse each day. On the blank page, I put in a quote or encouraging words and also list three things I’m grateful for. I really have come to enjoy it. And it’s probably part of the reason I haven’t posted here in awhile.

This past Thursday, my aunt and I went to a paint and sip event at The Reptarium in Utica MI. The owner Brian Barczyk has a daily vlog on YouTube and has been in a movie as well. Meeting him was amazing. I had so much fun. I also conquered a huge fear by holding a couple snakes. One was even quite large. Her name was Perdita.

The top picture is Perdita and I. The bottom is of Brian and I with the sign I made. It was such a great time! I will definitely go back again! I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in the area.

I’ve been talking to someone online and we are getting along pretty well. These days many relationships start online. My sister met her husband online and she lives happily in Hawaii with him. I hope it continues to go well because he’s very kind.

Aside from that, not much has been going on. I hope you’re all doing well.

Peace and Love,

Dottie May 🌻

About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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6 Responses to It’s Been Awhile!

  1. Create Space says:

    Great strategies! And you are thriving as a result!

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  2. You sound wonderful! Welcome back and I hope you receive all the blessings you so richly deserve. Best of luck…

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  3. theresaly520 says:

    Hello Dottie! Good to hear from you! Wow, you sure have the snake coiled around you. Takes some guts! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself there. Hope things are looking up! Perhaps you can check Wellcare insurance. It has greatly helped my roommate pay for expensive medications and find great healthcare providers.

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