Life Update

Happy Sunday friends! A couple things have happened over the last month. For starters, I had to re-home my dog Oaklee Anne. She was three years old and I loved her to bits but I could not take her to my new residence. It’s been a little sad and lonely without her but I’m doing my best to learn to live without a dog. It’s kinda weird because I believe this is the first time in my life I’ve had to live without a dog. I’ve always had at least one for as long as I can remember. Dogs leave lasting footprints on your heart that I know for certain.

The other thing that has happened is I moved! I’m renting a room from a lady I know. She used to babysit me as a kid and grew up in the house across the street from my childhood home. My room is nice and spacious. It is however new to me to be living with someone that is not family. I’m adjusting alright I think. I do miss seeing my daughter daily though. Although I’m guessing she is probably happy being back in her own place now. She had been staying with me since my hospitalization in November and all the while still paying rent on the place she has with a few other friends.

I’m forever grateful for her being there for me. I’m also grateful to my other daughter and her boyfriend as well. It was quite rocky when I was first released from the hospital. For the first few days I stayed with my oldest and her boyfriend. Some of the meds they had me on were causing some awful side effects…the worst being a weak bladder causing bed wetting. Talk about embarrassing. Then Kara agreed to stay at my house with me. She helped ensure I was taking my meds and she made sure I made it to my doctor appointments because I was unable to drive for awhile. I remember having awful dizziness whenever I got up to move. I couldn’t stand it. Thankfully, I am doing much better now. My psych provider removed most of the meds and I’m on just one and a half now. I take Seroquel before bed and in the morning I take half a Trintellix. I have no more dizziness and no more bed wetting. I no longer have to wear an adult diaper to bed…now I just use a pad…mostly because I’m paranoid I’ll leak.

It’s been a long few months. I’m so glad though that I have my friends and family. Speaking of friends…I met a great guy at GriefShare. Unfortunately, his wife passed and that’s why he was attending. I met him last Fall before my hospitalization. Our friendship has grown and if I’m being honest, I REALLY like him…ALOT! I’m trying not to push anything though as it’s only been a year (this coming Wednesday) since his wife passed. He knows how I feel though as I’ve shared with him. I’m just trying to be a good supportive friend; meanwhile hoping it develops into more.

Now that my mental illness is stable, I’m trying to focus on my weight loss again. I still have a good 70 lbs I’d like to lose. It’s not easy that’s for sure. But I got myself an Apple Watch and hoping I put it to good use. I’ve also been trying to eat better. I still struggle with drinking enough water though. I seem to do okay if its flavored water but I can’t do just plain water. I’m currently at 267.2 lbs. My short term goal is to get to 248. My longterm goal is to get below 200; even if it’s 199. I haven’t been below 200 in my entire adult life. I’d be ecstatic!

I hope you all are doing well. Things are slowly starting to open up here in Michigan. For that I’m grateful.

Take care and be safe.

Peace, Love, Happiness

Dottie May ❤

About DorothyMarie

I'm 49 years old, divorced with two adult daughters.
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4 Responses to Life Update

  1. Cathy says:

    So glad you have finally entered a new phase of life, and a hard road that was. Hoping things keep improving for you!

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  2. Wishing you many, many blessings, always. You have not had an easy time of it but always seem to bounce back. You are a survivor! For sure! Take care, Dottie, and I hope all your dreams come to fruition.

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