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Lesson….Not Failure

Good day friends! For those that don’t know, I have been divorced for a little over two years now. And, when it first happened, I was crushed! Heartbroken beyond words. For the first time, I contemplated suicide because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Grieving ~ Fears

Happy Saturday friends! This past Tuesday, GriefShare started back up. We usually have the summer off. GriefShare is a support group for those who are suffering grief and loss. This is probably my fifth or sixth session of attending. I … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Nice Weekend

Hello friends! Wow! I’m really doing a horrible job of keeping up on this blog. Part of that is because I’ve actually started working now and even though I’ve only worked four shifts now, I’m still pretty beat. I’m at … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been?

Hello friends! It certainly seems like it’s been forever! My apologies. This will serve as a bit of an update as well as some thoughts. I should’ve read my last post to see just how long it’s been. We are … Continue reading

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One Year Later…

Hello Friends. I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing like I should. But I really need to get back to it. It was even suggested by my therapist. It’s been a rough few weeks. Depression and anxiety are a bit … Continue reading

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I Thought My Life Was Over…

I know that I’ve discussed this before, but I thought that I would talk about it again.  That is my divorce.  The reason is because I really want people to know that despite how awful it feels at first, life … Continue reading

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Day 27 – 30 Days of ME!

Hello Readers! Dang girl! It’s nearly 2:30 a.m. on Monday October 1. I’m really late with this post.  I’m not even tired yet. What’s up with that?  I had a pretty productive day if I do say so.  I went … Continue reading

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