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It’s Been A Nice Weekend

Hello friends! Wow! I’m really doing a horrible job of keeping up on this blog. Part of that is because I’ve actually started working now and even though I’ve only worked four shifts now, I’m still pretty beat. I’m at … Continue reading

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Day 26 – 30 Days of ME!

Hello Readers! We are on the last leg of this 30-day trip! I can’t believe it’ll be October very soon! It’s just after midnight.  I have two friends celebrating their birthday today and they’re both the same age too.  So … Continue reading

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30 Days Of Me

Hello Readers! In my last post, I mentioned I would be doing another post today and here it is.  It’ll be a short one.  I’m introducing a 30 day blog challenge.  Now I didn’t make this up so I can’t … Continue reading

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Inspiration – Addiction

Hello! How are you?  Today is Wednesday and as is typical with every other work day, I struggled to get up this morning.  I really really really didn’t want to go to work. Ever have those days?  I’m not saying … Continue reading

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