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It’s Been A Nice Weekend

Hello friends! Wow! I’m really doing a horrible job of keeping up on this blog. Part of that is because I’ve actually started working now and even though I’ve only worked four shifts now, I’m still pretty beat. I’m at … Continue reading

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Day 18 – 30 Days of ME!

Hello Readers! I feel like a broken record as I apologize once again for a late post.  It is once again after midnight.  I guess perhaps that’s when I work best. I don’t know.  And, yes once again I was … Continue reading

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Day 1 – 30 Days Of Me

For day 1 I need to post a current picture of myself and 15 interesting facts about myself. To be honest, I’m not sure there’s a whole lot of interesting about me so I’ll just post 15 facts about me. … Continue reading

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18 Weeks Post Op VSG

Hello Readers! Happy Labor Day!  I hope you have enjoyed your holiday with your loved ones.  I visited with my grandma and uncle today.  It was an enjoyable time.  She made brats for dinner and we had potato salad to … Continue reading

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7 Years Post VSG

I had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy on December 15, 2009.  That puts me at just over 7 years post op.  I recently had a follow up appointment at my surgeons office.  I hadn’t been there in four years.  They finally … Continue reading

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Transformation Tuesday

I could show a picture of me from my heaviest weight and a more current one, but instead I’m going to show you what I feel my transformation will be like. I want to lose weight. And really, I need … Continue reading

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Weigh In – Diet Bet – Water

I weighed in this past Saturday and was up 1.6 lbs.  This is so incredibly frustrating!  Mostly because I’m really trying.  I’ve been getting to the gym at least 4 times a week. At the gym, I’ve been mainly focused … Continue reading

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Weigh In and Other Stuff

I weighed in on Saturday and amazingly enough I was down 3 lbs.  I could not believe it.  That stupid scale has been showing a small gain for weeks despite my effort.  I just hope that it’ll keep going down.  … Continue reading

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Fit for Fall Challenge

Hey there!  It’s been a little while since I’ve posted.  I always think about it, but then don’t follow through. I always seem to get side tracked.  So, what is Fit for Fall?  It’s a challenge that my employer is … Continue reading

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Inspiration – Addiction

Hello! How are you?  Today is Wednesday and as is typical with every other work day, I struggled to get up this morning.  I really really really didn’t want to go to work. Ever have those days?  I’m not saying … Continue reading

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